All services provided by Freed & Associates are performed by our in-house staff to ensure convenience, reliability and professionalism. We do not subcontract any of our work to other accountants, thereby enabling us to maintain an excellent Landlord/Tenant relationship with our clients.

We believe our services are uniquely styled to our clients' needs. Upon completion of a group of examinations, we will meet with your representative to review each report in detail, and to provide any recommendations/solutions.

As a company practice, we do not bill fees in advance, charge a retainer, or require our client to execute a binding contract.  Freed & Associates' standard fee is all inclusive (there is no additional billing for travel or out-of-pocket expenses) and is payable at the completion of each presentation.  We believe you will find our fees competitive and our level of service superior.

Here is a summary of services that Freed & Associates will perform for your company:

  • Assist your staff by suggesting potential examination candidates.  

  • Provide, at no charge, clerical and administrative support by preparing and mailing letters to notify each tenant of upcoming tenant sales examinations, etc.

  • Provide periodic status reports of assigned examinations.

  • Meet with you and/or another representative(s) of your company to review each report and discuss the findings as well as any other matters of concern.  The results of each group of examinations will be personally presented to your company.

  • No charge for verification of percentage rent paid/billed.